Author guidance

The journal is published four issues per year. Deadlines for papers: February 15 (Issue 1), May 15 (Issue 2), August 15 (Issue 3) and November 15 (Issue 4).


Submit the manuscript via e-mail ( The papers which do not conform to the formatting requirements will be returned to the authors for editing.

Sending a manuscript indicates a tacit understanding that it is not under active consideration for publication with other journals.

Submission fee

There are no charges to submit and publish a paper. Authors will not be asked to contribute to the costs of processing, formatting, or storing publications.

Review process

R-ECONOMY is a peer-reviewed journal. All submitted manuscripts undergo a double blind review process provided by the members of the Editorial Board and two anonymous external reviewers. The double blind process means that neither the author knows the reviewer’s identity nor the reviewer knows the name of the author or other reviewer.

The final decision is made by the Chief Editor.

The reviewing results can be formulated as:

— The paper is accepted.
— The paper is accepted conditionally.
— The paper is rejected.

If accepted conditionally, the author is supposed to correct it while taking the reviewers’ remarks into account and the reviewers are entitled to ask for re-evaluation of the paper.

Editorial reviews are intended only for internal use. The decision of the editors on the acceptability of any submitted article is final, and correspondence will not be entered into in relation to any submission that is not accepted for publication. The papers which were once rejected are not to be reconsidered.

Finally, accepted manuscripts are edited in accordance with the practices of the journal (including language editing and proofreading).

Copyright license agreement

All articles are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). According to the terms of the license, the authors retain exclusive rights to their papers. This license allows distribution, commercial and noncommercial use of papers published in the journal as long as the authorship is indicated and a reference is made to the corresponding publication in R-Economy.

Authors’ Responsibility

Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

Privacy statement

The Editorial Board of the Journal guarantee that authors’ personal data will be used solely for correspondence with the authors and for publication details and will not be disclosed to the third party.