Volume 1, Issue 2 (June 2015)

O. S. Sukharev  Regional Economic Policy: Structured Approach and Tools (The Oretical Formulation
Pages 170-183

R. I. Khasbulatov  Paradoxes of Economic Theories and Politics
Pages 184-200

V. T.  Ryazanov Development of the Theory of Capitalist Crises: Political Economy Traditions and Modernity
Pages 201-211

G. B. Kleiner  State — Region — Branch — Enterprise: System Sustainability Framework of the Russian Economy
Pages 212-225

V. M. Yefimov  Two Diputes of Methods, Three Constructivisms, and Three Liberalisms. Part II
Pages 226-238

V. V. Zapariy, V. D. Kamynin, Ch. Guanshan  The Twentieth-Century Urals Economy in Historical Perspective
Pages 239-245

А. I. TatarkinN. V. Krivenko, N. L.  Kuznetsova  Dialectics of Efficient Change Management in the Regional Social Systems
Pages 246-257

N. Z. Solodilova, R. I. Malikov, K. Ye. Grishin  Potential for Development and Limitations of Regional Business Environment
Pages 258-267

S. N. Bobylev, O. V. Kudryavtseva, Ye. Yu. Yakovleva  Green Economy: Regional Priorities
Pages 268-279

O. A. Kozlova, T. V. Gladkova, M. N. Makarova, E. Kh. Tukhtarova  Methodological Approach to Measure the Quality of Life of the Region’s Population
Pages 280-290

V. V. Dobrodey  Disintegration and Coordination of Forecast Parameters of Socio-Economic Development and the Fuel and Energy Balance of the Region
Pages 291-304

V. V. Popkov, D. B. Berg, E. A. Ulyanova,  N. A. Selezneva  Commodity and Financial Networks in Regional Economics
Pages 305-314

D. A. Karkh, V. M. Gayanova, P.  Aymel Priority Directions of the Regional Food Complex  Effectiveness Increase
Pages 315-324

D. Zh. Rakhmatullayeva,  V. N. Bobkov, Е. B.  Zhatkanbayev  Modeling of Social Effect of Foreign Direct Investment in the Regions of Kazakhstan
Pages 325-339

V. V. Okrepilov,  V. L. Makarov,  A. R. Bakhtizin,  S. N. Kuzmina  Application of Supercomputer Technologies for Simulation of Socio-Economic Systems
Pages 340-350

V. P. Chichkanov, A. V. Vasilyeva,  G. P. Bystray,  S. A.  Okhotnikov Russia’s Birth Rate Dynamics Forecasting
Pages 351-356

E. L. Andreyeva,  A. G. Canen, A. V. Ratner,  V. V. Zakharova  Region Foreign Economic Relations as a Factor of Reindustiralization
Pages 357-367