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Communities and the Pandemia

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  1. Akigor
    Akigor 2 years ago

    Boonies. People = overrated.

  2. Tojadal
    Tojadal 2 years ago

    I know how terrible it is at that age. In my opinion (and experience), it's the worst age for a girl because she's old enough to understand fully the comments that other people make, but not old enough to say or do anything about them (wthout being told off by her parents and teachers). The important thing is not to get to a situation where she is DISLIKED by her peers because of her looks, her perceived haughtiness (often children think -wrongly- that attractive girls consider themselbves above everyone else), or because of her mother's comments.

  3. Tojaktilar
    Tojaktilar 2 years ago

    Such a sexy clothing, and I love the way your butt jiggles.

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